“I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2000 of something.”
Mitch Hedberg
“Her professionalism, competence, accountability, commitment and execution of All endeavors is without equal.
Anyone choosing to participate with her in any capacity should know they're dealing with a winner and will receive 110% of what they expect."

Jerrold M, Weinman, COO (Retired)


  • What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?
    A private chef cooks for one client, usually fulfilling daily meal needs, while a personal chef cooks for a number of clients, usually on a bi-monthly basis, fulfilling weekly or monthly meal needs.
  • I Like to cook, why should I hire someone to do it for me?
    Many people who love to cook use this service because they love to eat great food but don’t have time during their busy week to pull it all together. Gourmands often make the best customers because they know the difference between average food and fantastic food. They really appreciate having it all done for them so they can enjoy gourmet meals and still have time for family and the activities they love.
  • It seems like its about the same price as eating out – why wouldn’t I just eat at a restaurant every night?
    Depending on the restaurants people frequent, the cost per meal is pretty close to what you’d expect to pay in a restaurant. The difference is that your professional personal chef does not turn out the same meals over and over, using ingredients purchased from a corporate food service vendor. Your chef gets to know your specific likes and dislikes, allergies, etc. and prepares your meals exactly how you want them using fresh ingredients from local organic farms and local suppliers. Your chef is able to purchases fresh vegetables from the farmer who grew them and fish directly from the fisherman who caught it!
  • Is it affordable?
    A personal chef service is surprisingly cost effective.  When you consider how often you eat out, pick up take-out or run out to the store to make meals at the last minute – you are spending not only money, but gas/energy to get there, time and effort to run around, prepare and clean up meals. In our effort to eat healthy and affordably, we often buy large quantities of supplies at the grocery store, but we are so busy that food is often thrown out unused or unfinished. With a personal chef, you get exactly the meals you want, packaged in the quantities you need, right in the comfort of your own home. No driving around, waiting in line, or putting up with sub-par food. Even better, you don’t have to shop, prepare or clean up – you don’t even have to think about “what’s for dinner.” Just open the fridge and choose what you’ve pre-ordered from your personal chef. It is a time and cost-effective solution for meal planning.
  • What about diet restrictions?
    Island Gourmet can accommodate just about any diet restriction or  request you may have, including low carb, Weight Watchers, lactose free, gluten free, to name a few. Please mention your requests during our initial meeting.
  • Who uses this service?
    food lovers
    busy professionals/commuters
    people who want to eat well
    new moms
    people who don’t like/want/have time to cook
    people recovering from illness
    families on the go
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